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Bigfoot Podiatry

in store podiatrist appointments

Future Feet is pleased to partner with Bigfoot Podiatry, who specialise in children’s foot and leg disorders. Their team recognise children have different needs to adults and work closely with world leaders and shoe stores to achieve outstanding results.

During the critical years of active development the child can experience foot pain and leg aches. Children with flat shaped feet are often more prone to injury in the arch, calf muscles or shin and may find running sports difficult. Sleeping and sitting positions can also cause in toeing. These years are important to assess the pain and monitor foot and leg developmentfor adulthood.

Bigfoot Podiatrists re-educate running style, use orthotics to re-distribute pressure under foot, prescribe stretching exercises, and advise on specific sports and school shoes to help manage injury in children. Appointments are available for a nominal fee, and can be booked by contacting your nearest Future Feet store.

Commonly asked questions

My child has flat feet, do I need orthotics?
Flat feet have shown to cause injury. However, not all flat feet in children require orthotics. The latest research tells us to treat where there is pain and to monitor where there is a strong family history and the foot remains pronated while the child develops. Bigfoot podiatrists assess and monitor children accurately to decide on the best shoes and whether orthotics are required.

My 10 year old has a painful heel when they play sport, what can we do to help?
Active children between 9-11years frequently damage sensitive growth plates in the heel from impact, flat feet and poor footwear. The growth plate becomes inflamed causing a condition known as ‘Severs”. An accurate diagnosis and review with a Bigfoot podiatrist will improve their pain and help them return to sport.

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