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Frequently asked questions

How can I expect my child’s walking to develop?
The first step is a big moment! There are several stages after that big moment - First your child will crawl then cruise then they will use the nearest support to help them balance before beginning to move into taking their first steps. Those early steps will be a wobbly walk with stiff legs and splayed feet using their arms to assist their balance. As they gain more confidence they will start to walk with more assertiveness and speed.

When is my child ready for their first pair of shoes?
At Future Feet we advise that your child remain barefoot as much as possible until they are walking confidently. Being barefoot is good exercise for little feet and aids healthy development. However it is often not suitable to have nothing on their feet so for crawling and cruising children we offer pre-walkers and soft soled shoes. These are designed specifically for these stages of development. These flexible and unstructured shoes offer protection and are ideal for growing feet.

Your child will usually take their first steps anytime from 9-18months. When your child is walking unaided across a room this is the perfect time for their first pair of shoes.

Why is it so important to get the fit right?
Feet are one of the few parts of the body that are not fully formed at birth. The soft bones in a baby’s feet over time will gradually fuse into the 26 bones that makes up an adult foot. The critical age is from 1 to 5 years when the foot is soft and vulnerable making them prone to becoming damaged if the shoes are not the correct fit.

Future Feet have specialist fitting staff who are able to help you find the correct shoe for your child.

How can I tell if my child’s shoe fits properly?
Select a good shoe store that offers fitting specialists. At Future Feet, our trained and qualified fitting staff use certified measurement devices so as to correctly measure length and width to ensure that the correct shaped shoe or shoes can be presented to you to make the absolute correct choice for your child.

Is it necessary to get my child’s feet measured?
It is important to have your child’s feet correctly measured for both length and width, but it is more important that the shoes are fitted properly. It is important to check the fit of each shoe as particular styles suit different foot shapes and types.

What style of shoes should I buy for my child?
There is really no preferred style. Many factors need to be considered including size, shape, ventilation, support, safety, durability and of course the stage of development of your child’s feet.

If the fitting specialist is satisfied that the style fits and your child is walking comfortably then the shoe is the right one for your child.

What should I look for in a first walker?
A first walker should be a good quality shoe with a lightweight upper, made of breathable materials and a has soft and flexible sole that bends at the base of the toes. Smooth inside linings with no hard seams are important too. Heel counters that are firm so as to reduce your child rolling in and provide support.

How fast will my child’s feet grow?
From age 1 to 5 year it is estimated that a child’s feet can grow up to two whole shoe sizes each year. By the time they get to school the growth rate usually slows to approximately 1 whole shoe size per year. This varies from child to child. It is therefore very important to look out for signs that your child’s shoes are getting too small. Signs of ill-fitting shoes can be red spots and marks on their feet and difficulty putting their shoes on.

Why is leather so important?
Leather has several unique qualities that make it the healthiest material for your child’s feet. The two main features are firstly leather ‘breathes’, it lets air in and moisture out therefore keeping the foot cool and secondly leather stretches so therefore the shoe will mould to the shape of the developing foot.

Are sport shoes ok?
Yes, but it depends on the sport shoes. Many children’s sports shoes are too heavy and inflexible in the sole. At Future Feet we stock specialised children’s sports shoes, designed specifically for children.

Is there a big difference between cheap and expensive shoes?
The most common problem with cheaper shoes is the correct fit. Cheaper shoes are restricted to one width only which means that the perfect fit cannot be achieved.

Most cheap shoes are often made of poor quality materials and do not provide adequate support and flexibility in the soles. Paying a little more is always a wise investment because the shoes have more supportive features and are made with higher quality materials which are beneficial to the healthy development of young feet.

Can I hand down old shoes?
We do not advise handing down shoes to younger children. Our specialist staff are happy to inspect and provide advice if you are considering handing down shoes.

I'm having problems logging in to the website with my email address, what should I do?
If you've previously shopped with us in store, your email address may already be registered in our loyalty programme. Please try logging in with your email address as both the username and password. You'll then be prompted to change your password. If you're still having difficulty, please email us at to request a password reset.

Do you have a loyalty programme?
Yes we do! For every $1,000 spent in store or online, you will receive a $50 Future Feet credit, to be spent on your next purchase. There's no time limit around how long it takes you to reach this $1,000 target, and as a bonus bonus, no time limits around how quickly you need to spend the $50 credit. 

Can I redeem a gift voucher online?

If you're the lucky recipient of a gift voucher, you can redeem it in store or online. For online purchases, enter the gift voucher number where indicated at checkout. Please leave the PIN section blank.  

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