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Many children won’t go straight from crawling to walking the first time they stand

They will generally use anything in their reach as support to help them maintain balance. Generally children learn to walk between the ages of 9 and 18 months old depending on coordination and muscle strength. Do not worry if your child takes longer – there is no need torush them.

The time to purchase their first pair of shoes is when you notice they are walking unaided across a room. When they take these first steps, they will walk very differently to a grown up. Their feet will be wide apart and point outwards with little or no flexing of the knees or ankles. They will take short stamping steps and they will be unsteady on their feet.

Their shoes need to provide stability so as to encourage them to develop their walking skills. Future Feet has a wide variety of styles including shoes in width sizes especially designed for first walkers right through to the active toddler.

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